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SOHO Parkway Condo

Energy Efficiency Retrofit in Westboro, Ottawa

SOHO Parkway Condo front.jpg

Retrofits completed

  • Indoor LED Upgrades

This project was originally owned financed by CoEnergy Co-operative and was absorbed into OREC’s project portfolio when the two co-operatives merged in 2022.

In 2019, the SOHO Parkway Condo, overlooking the Ottawa River, carried out a comprehensive LED lighting upgrade entirely finance by CoEnergy Co-operative. SOHO upgraded to LED lighting throughout the property, introducing motion sensors to increase efficiency. Changes were made in the condo parking garage, hallways, and the other common spaces.

CoEnergy worked with Lightenco, an Ottawa-based LED lighting leader, ensuring the maximum lighting incentive was secured through the Save ON Energy program. Through CoEnergy innovative social finance mechanism, SOHO Parkdale had no up-front costs, and has significantly reduced its annual operational costs.

OREC is prepared to employ the same approach with other condos throughout Eastern Ontario, with the aim of facilitating deep energy retrofits that reduce GHG emissions.



Westboro, Ottawa

Project Started


OREC Investment




201 Parkdale Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 1E8
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