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RA Centre

Energy Efficiency Retrofit in Billings Bridge, Ottawa


Retrofits completed

  • Indoor & Outdoor LED Upgrades of baseball diamonds, badminton and squash courts, and the curling rink.

This project was originally owned financed by CoEnergy Co-operative and was absorbed into OREC’s project portfolio when the two co-operatives merged in 2022.


Serving Ottawa for over 75 years, the Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada (the RA Centre) partnered with CoEnergy to take on the first phase of a comprehensive move towards energy efficiency and sustainability.  Working alongside Ottawa’s own Lightenco Inc., CoEnergy undertook complete LED upgrades to the RA Centre’s baseball diamonds, badminton and squash courts, as well as its curling rinks.

In addition to fully financing the project, CoEnergy worked with RA Centre staff to ensure the lighting upgrades were up to necessary standards for the various activities they illuminate. The RA Centre provides a critical service the non-profit recreational facility provides to the community. The leadership team and staff of the Centre are striving to reduce their carbon footprint every year. Through the project the RA Centre was also granted membership to Carbon613, Ottawa’s green economy hub.



Billings Bridge, Ottawa

Project Started


OREC Investment




2451 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1H 7X7
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