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Tiverton (“Quixote”)

Wind Turbine Project in Tiverton, Ontario


his 2 MW ENERCON E-82 wind turbine is OREC’s first wind power generation project. OREC acquired a 50% stake in the project in partnership with EnerFORGE, a subsidiary of Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation – the city’s publicly owned Local Distribution Utility, bringing an existing project under community ownership.

The project is located in South Western Ontario and has 12 years remaining on a 20 year contract to supply power to the grid.  The turbine generates on average 6,720 MWh per year – enough to power over 600 households.

The partnership with OREC was a perfect match when the opportunity to acquire solar and wind generation assets presented itself

Ivano Labricciosa, 

President and CEO of Oshawa Power Group of Companies.

OREC is excited to bring its co-operative ownership model to this wind turbine in partnership with EnerFORGE. Our co-operative is committed to welcoming members and investors from the surrounding communities and stay true to our principles of local ownership and continuing to diversify our growing renewable energy portfolio.

Graham Findlay, 

Vice President, OREC.



Kincardine, Ontario

Annual Production

17 MWh / yr

Connection Date

November 2021

Average OREC Annual Revenue

$233,171 /yr

OREC Investment


Annual GHG Reduction

2.3 tonnes per year



7CFC+689 Kincardine, Ontario
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