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Yule Manor Housing Co-operative 

Energy Efficiency Retrofit in Manor Park, Ottawa

Yule Manor Housing.jpg

Retrofits completed

  • Indoor & Outdoor LED Upgrades

This project was originally owned financed by CoEnergy Co-operative and was absorbed into OREC’s project portfolio when the two co-operatives merged in 2022.

In 2019, Yule Manor Co-op a housing co-operative, home to over 200 members located in Ottawa’s east end carried out a comprehensive LED lighting upgrade through their work with CoEnergy. The project at Yule Manor included LED upgrades to the co-op’s entire common area, as well as motion sensors for the co-op’s outdoor lighting.

Working alongside Energy Savings Applications Ltd., CoEnergy ensured that product specifications met the expectations for Yule Manor, and to help them secure incentives from the Save On Energy program. Through our innovative social finance mechanism, CoEnergy was able to fully finance this project. A portion of the annual savings that Yule Manor will incur will be used repay OREC, after which point the housing co-op will own all the new equipment.



Manor Park, Ottawa

Annual Savings


OREC Investment




10 Claremont Dr, Ottawa, ON K1K 4J5
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