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Canada Science and Technology Museum

Solar Panel Project in Alta Vista


Hosted on the Canada Museum of Science and Technology, this marks OREC’s first net metered solar project. This 215 kW project will produce a projected 230,000 kWh of clean energy, directly consumed by the Museum. This project, wholly owned by the co-operative, also marks the first net metering collaboration between a renewable energy co-operative and a crown corporation such as Ingenium, which oversees Canada’s museums related to science, technology, and agriculture.

Ingenium was able to treat OREC’s approach as an unsolicited proposal based on its unique value proposition and the positive impact the solar project would have on its annual operating costs. The project helped advance Ingenium’s greening strategy, while maintaining its community-ownership model. This approach allowed the Ingenium to install a major solar project with zero up-front costs, and energy savings starting from day one.

OREC worked with iSolara Solar Power on this project, a trusted Ottawa-based solar company, to realize this project.

“OREC presented us with a creative solution to advance our greening strategy. As I was not disbursing funds up-front for the project, I felt it was a great opportunity for Ingenium as a Crown Corporation to go forward with solar. Furthermore, we anticipate the cost of electricity from the solar panels will provide operating cost reductions over the long-term.”

Fernand Proulx CFO, Ingenium Canada



Alta Vista Industrial Park

Annual Production

251 MWh / yr

Connection Date

July 3rd, 2019

Average OREC Annual Revenue


OREC Investment


Annual GHG Reduction

33.4 tonnes per year



Scientique, 1867 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 5A3
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