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Franco-Ouest Catholic School

Solar Panel Project in Bells Corners


A new 100-kilowatt AC solar system that is located on the roof of Franco Ouest secondary school was connected to the grid on February 25, 2015.  This system, co-owned in a joint venture between the Co-operative and the school board, will provide revenue for both the school board CECCE and OREC for a total of 20 years.

Along with the revenue to the school this new system provides a learning experience for the students, as they can see first had what the use of solar energy can do.  The school will have access to the data that is being collected, such as how much is being produced and the revenue from that production, which is how the students can learn.

The total cost of this project is $637,526, and it is expected to bring in $23,353 a year in revenue.  The school board, Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est, will receive a slightly larger portion due to OREC renting the roof space.

This project was made possible in part through the financial support of the Community Energy Partnerships Program brought to you by the Independent Electricity System Operator.

The rooftop solar project provides our students a tangible demonstration of green energy technologies. Such technologies will be increasingly important in their future, and we want to prepare them to contribute to this low-carbon economy. The partnership with the co-operative engages the Ottawa community in our sustainable activities.

Daniel Lepage

Principal, Collège catholique Franco-Ouest



Bells Corners, Ontario

Annual Production

116 MWh / yr

Connection Date


Average OREC Annual Revenue

$20,714 /yr

OREC Investment


Annual GHG Reduction

15.5 tonnes per year



411 Seyton Dr, Nepean, ON K2H 8X1
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