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Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization Presland (South)

Solar Panel Project in Vanier

Presland South - Google Earth 3D.png

Earth Day, April 22, 2013, OCISO Presland became one of Ontario’s leading examples of solar energy use by mounting two solar PV systems on North and South housing blocks! OCISO Non Profit Housing provides affordable housing for a diverse community.

The OCISO Board of Directors agreed that using community properties to promote green energy was a great idea. They made a commitment to renewable energy, and took a tangible step through installing solar thermal panels on the rooftops of OCISO’s townhouses to provide hot water for the residents and reduce their utility costs. Expanding on that initiative, OCISO partnered with the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC) to install two solar systems that produce electricity. OREC owns and maintains the equipment and rents the roof space from OCISO.

The installations were made possible through investments from over 160 Ottawa residents who are members of OREC. The solar panels will produce green power for the Overbrook neighbourhood and will provide a 20-year revenue stream to OCISO.

“This project makes Presland and OCISO one of the greenest non-profits in the Province,” said LSM Services property manager Chad Meda, “and that.. will be well-received by provincial and municipal funders as well as the non-profit housing sector.”

This project makes Presland and OCISO one of the greenest non-profits in the Province.

Chad Meda

LSM Services Inc.



Vanier, Ottawa

Annual Production

17 MWh / yr

Connection Date

April, 2013

Average OREC Annual Revenue

$13,509 /yr

OREC Investment


Annual GHG Reduction

2.3 tonnes per year



346 Presland Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 2C5
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