Canadian Museum of Science & Technology

“We have been working towards a project like this for many years, and are thrilled to have found a partner with Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative, who share in our dedication to putting renewable energy into action as we work towards greening our museum.”

Fernand Proulx

Chief Operating Officer, Ingenium - Canada's Museum of Science and Technology

Hosted on the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology, this marks OREC’s first net metered solar project. This 215 kW project will produce a projected 230,000 kWh of clean energy, directly consumed by the Museum.

In addition to being a first for the co-op, this also marks the first net metering collaboration between a renewable energy co-operative and a crown corporation such as Ingenium, which overseas Canada’s museums related to science, technology, and agriculture.


Alta Vista Industrial Park

Connection Date

July 3rd, 2019

Project Cost


Generating Capacity

200 kW

Annual Revenue


Annual GHG Reduction

239.62 tonnes per year