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How it works

Class E Preference Shares

  • 10 year term
  • Annual dividend declared by board of directors
    • 2023 dividend: 4.0%
    • 5-year average: 3.4%
  • RRSP & TFSA eligible

  • Minimum investment of $500 (unregistered account)

  • 5% of invested capital is returned annually beginning in year 2, with remaining capital returned after 10 years

  • Shares are not publicly tradeable

   Offering Statement


New Investors

I'd like to invest or volunteer in the co-op

Existing Investors

I am already a member and would like to check on my account

What Our Members Say

How Membership works

  • A lifetime membership share with the Co-operative is $100.

  • Each member is given a vote and say in the Co-operative.

  • You can join OREC as a current resident of Ontario.

Become a member and help make Ontario a cleaner and more sustainable place to live today!.

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