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Energy generation has long been controlled by a few powerful groups.  But the landscape is changing. Widely available renewable energy technologies are shifting the way communities generate and distribute electricity. More than 750 individuals throughout Ontario have committed to bring more democracy and transparency to electricity generation by investing in local renewable projects. Diversify your portfolio with the planet and bring positive change to your community.

OREC-CoEnergy Merger Gets the Green Light

OREC is pleased to announce that it is officially merging with its sister organization, CoEnergy, in a bid to consolidate its position as one of Ontario’s largest renewable energy co-ops. The move comes after members of the two co-ops voted last month to formally...

OREC and Allies Call on Ministers to Support Renewable Energy Co-ops

OREC is one of 16 renewable energy cooperatives from across Canada calling on ministers to provide greater government support for RECs. But the response so far has been underwhelming to say the least, as this article from The Energy Mix points out. [pdf-embedder...

Public Lecture: A Census of Renewable Energy Co-ops, Feb. 24th

    Canada has a small but growing renewable energy co-operatives (RECs) sector. To better understand the role it currently plays and could play in Canada’s energy transition, the Canadian Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, with the support of the...

OREC Finalizes Purchase of 2.3 MW Wind Turbine

OREC Enters Wind Energy Generation The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative is proud to announce its entry into the wind energy space. In partnership with EnerFORGE, a subsidiary of Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation  as it recently acquired the existing 2.3 MW...

Electrification, Renewable Energy & Canadian Politics

Electrification on the Map With Canada in the throes of (another) Federal Election, the subject of electrification, and how to achieve this at the pace necessary, is getting more attention than any previous federal campaign. Subscribers to the Globe and Mail might...

OREC April 2021 Special Members Meeting

Proposed Changes to OREC Bylaws and Articles The OREC Board of Directors called a Special Members Meeting on Thursday April 8th, 2021 at 7:30 PM. This meeting was held virtually over Zoom.  The quorum required for Special Members Meeting is the lesser of fifteen (15)...

OREC Special Members’ Meeting

Proposed Bylaw Change As the renewable energy landscape evolves in Ontario, OREC is continuously seeking to adapt to enable community ownership of clean energy projects.  In pursuit of this goal, the OREC Board of Directors has explored the acquisition and development...

OREC Unites Co-ops in Calls for COVID Stimulus to Unlock Clean, Community Investment

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC) has led an effort calling upon the Members of Parliament tasked with coordinating the COVID'19 economic stimulus plans to include a focus on community investment in clean energy. OREC, alongside its sister co-operative...

OREC 2019 Annual General Meeting

Important documents from the 2019 Annual General Meeting Minutes from 2019 AGM Full AGM slideshow Agenda Proposed Motions Annual report to members Nominating Committee report (forthcoming) FY 2019-20 Budget Audited financial statements Minutes from 2018 AGM 2019 AGM...

Call for Nominations: OREC Board of Directors for 2019-20

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative is now accepting nominations for new members of its Board of Directors. Individuals must be members of the Co-operative in order to serve on the board. The roles of board members are as follows: Regular attendance (in-person or...

Invest in Real Assets

Our co-op’s solar projects range in size from 10 kW rural systems to larger arrays on industrial and school rooftops, to our largest projects, two 500 kW ground mounts in Eastern Ontario.

All of our 23 projects (including two wind turbines) generate clean power and earn a solid return for our members. OREC’s portfolio amounts to over 3 MW of installed capacity and is valued at over $8 million.

“I have seen firsthand the hard work, boundless energy, and sincere passion that the staff and volunteers invest in achieving OREC’s important mission. This is a sound investment — for your portfolio, for our community, and for the planet.”

Josh Snider
OREC Member #133 & Investor

“I think OREC offers a brilliant opportunity for everyone to do something locally that is both profitable and environmentally responsible.”

Angela Keller-Herzog
OREC Member #167 & Investor

“For me, OREC makes the connection between key “C’s” – Community, Climate and a personal Commitment to a Clean Energy Future. OREC facilitates me “being in community” with others in Ottawa, gaining a fair return on our personal capital while protecting the Planet.
Feels right, feels good.”

Chris Henderson
OREC Member #7 & Investor

“I’ve been a proud OREC member for as long as I can remember. Community renewable energy development is where climate action and local democracy join hands. That’s why Ottawa needs OREC.”

Mitchell Beer
OREC Member #68 & Investor

“From the beginning, the potential of OREC was clear. With community owned power production, the local economic benefits are three times that of absentee owned systems. Community owned, decentralized power production not only stabilizes the grid but reinforces energy democracy (or the ability to choose power sources, systems and profit use).  Not only do I get a return on my investment but I also get to advance Canada’s energy transition. Be the change, invest in OREC.”

Kim Scott
OREC Member #29 & Investor

“It was great to find an organization in my own backyard that is developing renewable energy projects with community capital. OREC is an innovative way for individuals to get involved in the renewable energy transition.”

Jean-Michel Lemieux
OREC Member #672 & Investor

“I’ve been invested in OREC since the first public offering. I was so excited to finally have a formal, institutionalized option to invest in something local that is so aligned with a sustainable future. The dedication to making it work on all levels – financial, technical, governance – was and remains outstanding. I wish there was an OREC for sectors like affordable housing, for child-care facilities, for local food storage infrastructure.”

Rebecca Aird
OREC Member #58 & Investor

“OREC is a microcosm of what’s good in the world! A local community of smart, passionate and dedicated folks trying to do their part to address the climate crisis in both tangible and meaningful ways – by investing in and building solar arrays.”

Ken Johnson
OREC Member #77 & Investor

Invest with an Impact

As a growing co-operative, OREC strives to play a positive role in Eastern Ontario’s increasingly clean and locally-financed energy landscape. Our 2017 Community Impact Report outlines the social, environmental, and economic benefits made possible through investment in the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative’s community-owned renewable energy projects.

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