OREC Enters Wind Energy Generation

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative is proud to announce its entry into the wind energy space. In partnership with EnerFORGE, a subsidiary of Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation  as it recently acquired the existing 2.3 MW Quixote wind turbine, located just outside of Tiverton, ON. See the exact location here.

OREC’s board and staff are excited about the expansion of the co-operative’s portfolio beyond solar PV. As it continues to play an growing role within the renewable energy transition in Ontario, OREC seized the opportunity to diversify its generation mix in adding this already operational project to its portfolio.

The Quixote wind turbine is backed by a 20-year Feed-In Tariff contract that began in 2015.

Given the location of the wind turbine, OREC’s membership enthusiastically approved an expansion of where future co-op members could join from, ensuring OREC stays true to its foundational principle of local ownership. Individuals living nearby this project are welcome to join OREC, and invest should they wish to.

OREC is optimistic that this partnership with EnerFORGE is the beginning of a fruitful relationship going forward. EnerFORGE has demonstrated a strong commitment to the renweable energy transition, and bring a wealth of experience in distributed energy resource development.

Read the joint media advisory issued by OREC and EnerFORGE here.

The opportunity to invest in OREC remains open. Learn more about investment opportunities here.