Far more people will be seeing community-owned solar in and around the Ottawa area.

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative is looking forward to the imminent connection of two new projects, located at highly public sites just outside of Ottawa. The first is located at Twin Elm Rugby Park, in Richmond, ON, while the other is on the roof of the wine production building at KIN Vineyards, nestled away in Carp, ON.

Both projects were secured through the fourth round of FIT contacts, won by the Co-operative back in 2016. The Twin Elm project will add 100-kW of capacity to its expanding portfolio, while at KIN Vineyard, the project is a 30-kW installation.

Both project partners were very excited to partner with the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative to realize unique organizational goals.

At Twin Elm, the installation of this solar project came at the end of a long road of building renovations and repairs. The Board of Directors at the organization have been working tirelessly to ensure that the clubhouse and grandstand would be safe and comfortable for years to come.

Working with the Co-operative allowed Twin Elm to reduce its operating costs, while providing the rugby park with much needed financial support for the aforementioned facility upgrades through consistent lease payments for use of the roof.

Just after the installation of the solar project was complete, Twin Elm hosted an international test match between Canada and Russia’s men’s national teams, which drew a crowd of 3,300. Unfortunately, Canada lost the match by a score of 43-20.

At KIN Vineyards, they are continually striving always to produce their wines in a sustainable way. Partnering with the Co-operative allowed them to take the next step in that process.

“We’re excited about this project. From the beginning, we designed our winery to permit net-zero energy consumption and we are absolutely delighted to be working with OREC to achieve our goal”, said Chris Van Barr, KIN Vineyards’ proprietor.

The Co-operative is excited to continue expanding the renewable energy capacity of Eastern Ontario, in particular in partnership with two institutions as recognized as Twin Elm Rugby Park and KIN Vineyards. The Twin Elm project is expected to produce approximately 116,000 kWh of solar energy per year. The KIN Vineyard project, meanwhile, is expected to produce 39,000 kWh per year.