The very first stone on the path to reducing your carbon footprint is behaviour.

Sustainable North Grenville, a local community group run by volunteers, hosted a free information night about renewable energy on Oct. 20 at the Branch Restaurant in Kemptville.

The first speaker was Kim Scott of Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op.

“OREC, which has now expanded to all of Eastern Ontario, is ordinary folks pooling their money to invest in large solar installations,” said Scott.

She explained OREC is also looking at branching out into other renewable technologies, such as biomass and geothermal.

“We started about five years ago,” said Scott. “We were the first renewable energy co-op in Ontario to have our share offering approved.”

The key goals of OREC are to advance renewable energy in the region, secure the energy supply and provide local jobs.

“It’s a socially responsible investment opportunity,” said Scott.

She explained OREC identify suitable rooftop owners, see if they’re willing to host a solar installation, enter into a lease with them and apply for a Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) project. OREC requires a minimum of 50 members within a community before they’ll consider doing a solar installation project there.

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