Service d’amélioration énergétique du bâtiment

Qu’est-ce que le service d’amélioration énergétique du bâtiment?

Le Service d’amélioration énergétique du bâtiment est une plateforme qui permet de réaliser des économies en améliorant l’efficacité énergétique des immeubles résidentiels à logements multiples.

Bâtiments admissibles:

  • Bâtiments communs
  • Établissements récréatifs
  • Établissements récréatifs
  • Établissements récréatifs

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Are you a:*

Building type*

If residential, please specify:

Has your building ever had an energy audit?*

If so, was this audit subsidized?

How is the building heated?

How is the building cooled?

What type of retrofits have been performed?

Were any of these retrofits subsidized?

Do residents/tenants pay for their own electricity?

Do residents/tenants pay for their own natural gas?

Are the total building energy bills (electricity, gas & water) greater than 0,000 a year?

Who owns the appliances (i.e. fridge, stove, dishwasher)?

What laundry facilities are provided?

11 + 8 =

* = champs requis

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative would like to acknowledge the City of Ottawa’s Energy Evolution Catalyst Program. Through this program, the Co-operative was able to carry out free energy audits for five housing co-operatives and non-profit residential buildings. This support enabled comprehensive energy retrofits, and provided the opportunity to explore accessible financing routes for future retrofits.