Investing with Caldwell Securities Ltd.

Caldwell Securities Ltd.has been helping Canadian families organize their financial goals and objectives, and develop personalized and flexible wealth management plans that meet their needs and risk profile today, and in the future. Caldwell has worked with community-based Co-operatives, members and organizations that support community growth and development.

When investing through Caldwell, you will be connected with Tuck Yiong, an experienced and trusted investment guidance. Since joining Caldwell Securities Ltd. in 2004, Tuck has continually help his clients achieve their financial goals. Tuck is dedicated to life-long learning and offers discretionary management completing his Chartered Investment Manager designation. Tuck is proud to offer Socially Responsible Investment options to his clients and believes that these options will allow his clients to leave greater legacies for their children and grandchildren.

Caldwell can open self-directed registered accounts (RRSP, TFSA, and/or RRIF) that can hold OREC Preference Shares as well as other investment products. You can transfer registered funds from other institutions and make additional contributions to your Caldwell registered account. OREC members are charged $65 per year to invest through Caldwell.

Follow these simple steps to invest through Caldwell Securities Ltd.

OREC Membership
  • If you aren’t already, you must become a member of OREC to invest in Preference Shares.
Complete Subscription Form

Complete OREC’s Series 7 Subscription Form and submit it to OREC either electronically or by mail. Recall that only Preference Shares can be held within a Caldwell account.

Set up a meeting with Caldwell representative
  • OREC will forward your information to Caldwell, after which Tuck Yiong will contact you to schedule a meeting. Caldwell will walk you through the process from there.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.