Manotick Station

I am a strong believer in decentralized energy production, having grown up in Manotick Station, I thought it would be a great little model for this.
Dick Bakker

President, Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative

A 50 kW project that was connected on September 15, 2015 is the 4th system in the village, giving Manotick station one of the highest concentrations of solar in Ontario.

Out of his belief in small localized production of electricity we all need and wanting his property to have multiple uses, Dick Bakker, president of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative, was eager to see this project unfold.  This project will provide a separate income stream for the property, one that can have a 20 year contract with OREC and, afterwards, continue producing power behind the meter.


Manotick Station

Connection Date

September 15th, 2015

Project Cost


Generating Capacity

50 kW

Annual Revenue


Annual GHG Reduction

16.47 tonnes per year