KIN Vineyards

KIN Vineyards, one of the preeminent vineyards and wineries in the Ottawa area, has placed an emphasis on sustainability since planting their first vines. Beginning in June of 2018, a 30-kW FIT contract, owned, financed and operated by members of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative was installed on the roof of the vineyard’s production building. The solar installation will feed clean energy into the Ottawa grid, and is expected to offset over 11 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. KIN Vineyards is used to leading the way and partnering with the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative was a natural collaboration.

We’re excited about this project.  From the beginning, we designed our winery to permit net-zero energy consumption and we are absolutely delighted to be working with OREC to achieve our goal.
Christopher Van Barr

Owner & Proprietor, KIN Vineyards

Photos courtesy of iSolara Solar Power



Connection Date

June 29, 2018

Project Cost


Generating Capacity

30 kW

Annual Revenue


Annual GHG Reduction

11.40 tonnes per year