October 6, 2015

After speaking at the Green Energy Doors Open event on Saturday, NDP Ottawa Centre candidate Paul Dewar has joined the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op (OREC).

“As we address the severe threat of catastrophic climate change, community-based green energy initiatives like OREC will play a crucial role,” said Dewar. “And with investment in clean-tech expected to exceed $3-trillion a year by 2020, and employment in the sector growing by 18% a year, green technology will be an essential part of the economy of tomorrow.”

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op connects property owners with environmentally conscious investors to develop community-owned infrastructure for solar energy production. OREC’s projects across the city have a total generating capacity of approximately 1 MW. OREC investors receive a stable expected return through the provincial feed-in tariff, while also generating a positive social and environmental benefit.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Paul Dewar as our newest member,” said Janice Ashworth, Operations Manager at OREC. “OREC has 450 members in Ottawa who have invested over $4 million in its 13 projects. Together, we’re proving that investment in renewable energy makes good sense financially as well as environmentally.”

“It’s time to remove billion-dollar annual subsidies of fossil fuels, and invest in renewable energy and sustainable development projects – including right here in Ottawa Centre,” added Dewar. “The future of our planet is at stake – but by working together with initiatives like OREC, we can create a better future for our children and our community.”


For more information, please contact:

Gavin Charles
Media Liaison, Paul Dewar Campaign
(613) 232-6111