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Lock in Low Electricity Prices with OREC

Stabilize your electricity bills by buying the clean energy generated by a solar PV system on your property.  The system – installed and owned by OREC – allows for prices to be locked in for 30 years.  Solar power rates are currently competitive with grid electricity prices.

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering, as defined by the province of Ontario, is implemented by the local distribution company (LDC).  It allows for the generation and self-consumption of electricity on a property or associated properties. Any form of grid-connected renewable electricity generation can be net metered to offset electricity consumption.  Read more below.

Is Your Property a Good Candidate?

Any commercial or institutional customer with a demand for electricity in the summer should consider net metering.

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Roof Characteristics
SloppedFlatConcrete slab roofSouth exposure (±30°)Currently has few obstacles causing shade and for the next 25+ yearsAble to support additional weight of solar panels (at least 4 lbs/ft2)Recently resurfaced or not in need of resurfacing (for 25 years)

Building Characteristics
Building use and design not expected to change in 25+ yearsAll electrical equipment currently up to date (i.e. one single entry per PIN and no outdated vault behind the meter)Consume significant power during summer, centred around solar noon



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More Information

Current Net Metering Policy

Hydro Ottawa allows a net metering customer to generate electricity primarily for their own use from a renewable energy source such as wind, water, solar radiation, or agricultural biomass. Credits are associated with every kWh generated and they are given a dollar value.  This dollar value is then used to offset against the customer’s electricity costs and it is determined based on a customer’s rate class and represents the electricity charge. This value becomes a credit that can be applied only towards the electricity charge portion of the bill and not the delivery, fixed, or demand charges, as applicable.

Hydro Ottawa fees to set up a net metering account include the cost of a new meter, an account setup charge, an $18 monthly service charge and, in some circumstances, an administration charge.

In July 2017, a slight modification to the net metering regulations will allow excess generation credits to be carried forward for up to 12 months (increased from 11 months), including the 12th month, to offset future electricity costs on a rolling first in, first out basis. Also, the 500-kW upper size limit of a net metered generation project will be lifted. Other changes to be implemented at that time include specific permission for customers to install energy storage technologies in conjunction with a renewable net metering system.