The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative is now accepting nominations for new members of its Board of Directors. Individuals must be members of the Co-operative in order to serve on the board. The roles of board members are as follows:

  • Regular attendance (in-person or by phone) at monthly Board meetings, held the last Thursday of the month at the OREC offices.
  • Participate in democratic structure of the Co-operative (including creating, discussing, and voting on proposals and assisting in policy-forming)
  • Delegated, by the members, the authority to exercise all of the Board powers that can be legally exercised between General Members’ meetings
  • The authority, as provided by Members, to hold meetings and to exercise all of the Members’ powers that can be legally exercised between Members meetings.

See a further breakdown of Directors responsibilities below:

  • Representing the interests of the Co-operative and its members.
  • Planning for the future needs of the Co-operative
  • Leading a democratic organization
  • Managing the Co-operative’s risks, including legal, financial, and reputational
  • Involvement in the sale of securities on behalf of the Co-operative
  • Involvement in a committee of the Co-operative
  • Reporting to members through attendance at the Annual General Meeting
  • Participation in relevant events, conferences, activities and networking opportunities

The Co-operative is currently seeking to fill a number of positions with different terms:

  • 1 position – 12 month term
  • 1 position – 24 month term
  • 5 positions – 36 month terms

Email your CV or LinkedIn profile to Aaron at by October 19th, 2018 if you are interested in nominating yourself or someone you know.